Research paper on water resource management

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Of the remaining one percent, a fifth is in remote, inaccessible areas and much seasonal rainfall in monsoonal deluges and floods cannot easily be used.

Regarding food production, the World Bank targets agricultural food production and water resource management as an increasingly global issue that is fostering an important and growing debate. Terrorism and how it affects businesses. However, watershed management techniques can be applied for any purpose related to obtaining desired effects on water discharge, quality, time, or period of occurrence.

In other cases, there are programs focused to protect and control the extreme climatic phenomena and, more recently, to improve water quality.

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The above cannot be achieved without a strong cooperation reaching between riparian countries in place that eventually lead to joint operation of the large storage structures, such as GERD, Karadobi and Mendaya dams.

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An assessment of water resource management in agriculture was conducted in by the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka to see if the world had sufficient water to provide food for its growing population or not.

In the United States the watershed management techniques is applied mostly in mountain, forests, and other drainage basins areas, devoted to pasture or sparsely populated areas with snowy precipitation.

The other part of the system, constructed in the s, relies on artificial groundwater recharge. With developing economies water scarcity is a very common and very prevalent issue.

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Can virtual reality substitute an actual reality. It was held in collaboration with the Czech Technical University. Should the government legalize the use of smartphones in high school classrooms?. Water Resources Management is an international, multidisciplinary forum for the publication of original contributions and the exchange of knowledge and experience on the management of water resources.

water resource policy, management and conservation).

Examples of Research and Published Papers by IWRM Staff and Students

This week’s case study focuses on the Zambezi River Basin of southern Africa, which is home to some 40 million people who rely on it for drinking water. With member countries, staff from more countries, and offices in over locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and.

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Water Resources and Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions associated with water resources use and governance, across different economic sectors like agriculture, energy, industry, shipping, recreation and urban and rural water supply, at.

Jul 31,  · Fresh water is an essential and often scarce resource, and ensuring its optimum use and availability for sanitation, drinking, manufacturing, leisure, and agriculture requires significant planning.

RAND research on water resources management has focused on flooding in Vietnam, scarcity along the Colorado River Basin, California's water plan, and Qatar's environmental needs.

Research paper on water resource management
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